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Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2010"

Much Better Than Last Year

It's too bad I didn't join up again, I would've loved to give it another try. Saw some new faces and some old ones, only they were much better than last time. Everything was smooth in this one, nobody was really bringing it down in particular.

Timsplosion responds:

I know. I was kinda shocked. We didn't have a single bad part. There was probably one, maybe two, fairly average parts, but the rest were exceptional, weren't they! I'd call this collab a complete success!


i love all of it

'S cool.

I like it.. Wel, most of it.. So we're all good. :]

Highly Enjoyable

I love collabs, especially ones like these.
Where talent, and experimentation meet, the result is impeccable.
Great job everyone who worked on it and provided us with top notch entertainment. :D

that is amazing

im not a bad artist as well id show it but i dont know how