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Reviews for "Alone with me"

Yes, I see.

Majority of this animation was better than i thought. The music was very southing as well (and fitted well). Story could've been better in my opinion, all in all.. it's decent enough to get my own person 7. You may even be able too tell your grandchildren that one day, perhaps.

Very good!

Reminds me of Fight Club.

wow quite interesting

Time to pull out arsty me...
quite interesting with the concept, and if anyone says to put voices in, punch them in the face, that would ruin it, and about the first flash, just want to stomp some hopes here, but im sure you had practice before submitting this, because a first flash submission and first flash altogether are different things, but the concept was great and the music went perfectly along with the style, the end fall wasnt all that great and the person on the bike was a tad too upward, but the detail makes up for that completely. but maybe to understand falling, you should go shoot people in the head and watch the reactions... hmm... good luck with the last part.... *ducks*

Nicely portrayed!

Solid, you have that film noir look in this movie. I like how you get to the point right at the beginning of the movie and ease in that metaphor. Very touching emotional yet dark. Good drawings of the main character, motorcycle and city background. Good choice of colors you used. Music matched the scene very well with that sorrowful feel to it. A bit short though but other than that great potential I see you going far with this. Keep it up!!! Overall 9/10 5/5.

You're FIRST!?

You're going to make an impact around here; I can just tell.

Anyway, very interesting concept, beautiful animation. I can see you coming up with a full-length something or other; the sort of abstract nature of this lends itself to an interesting backstory.

This one leaves me wanting more... if you made some sort of sequel or prequel that explained, however, its impact would be twofold. First, it would answer questions, but second, it would remove the wonderful speculation this one forces upon you.

5/5, 10/10.