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Reviews for "Alone with me"


Didn't really understand the story too much, but the animation was really good. I liked the coat in the wind, cool stuff.


It's amazing. And um. . . FIRST FUCKING FLASH? ONE WEEK? Damn what are you, mate? A flash God(ess)? Geezus. Thats downright frickin' amazing. . . hmm. . . can I speak with you on something? *

Oh, right suggestion time: ROAR
I mean, at the ending when he's falling. . . I dunno something seems like it isn't right, like it defies ragdoll physics. xD Other than that heres my score Epic/10 Because ten ain't enough :P

Very Nice

Great for a first submission. The music is very fitting and I thought that the animation looked nice too. The scene with the gunshot being reflected in the picture frame was really nice. On a side note, in your author comments your said Schizophrenia, but I think you meant split personality. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with split personality. They're commonly used as synonyms, but they're completely different. Just a tidbit of knowledge for you. Nice video.

lalleba responds:

Alright, thanks for clearing that up for me ^^
I read schizophrenia can cause delusion, hallucinations, paranoia and what not.

But yeah thanks alot for your comments guys. A lot of good points and I will have these things in mind in the future :D

LegendarySleuthLoki, yeah that last Black and white scene might look a little off but I'm surprised noone pointed out a bigger mistake in that one xD
I just realized it after I posted it, and I had to give myself a facepalm+sigh.
Ima keep quiet and hope noone notices -_-'

More critique is welcome!


awesome very deep and for your first flash its very very good keep it up!!


Extremely polished for a first foray at Flash. You make the character(s) worth caring about in less than a minute. This is a rare skill indeed.