Reviews for "Balloon in a Wasteland"

Could use some improvement

I was going for a 6 rather than 7, but it was a nice touch setting the speed back to normal automatically when creatures approached :)
Well, I didn't like it that shops were separate, it doesn't allow me to buy stuff according to my own strategy. I missed some explanations, like - it took me a couple of game days to find out how to repair the balloon! And the BoomPipe seemed useless, compared to the machine gun. I still don't know what's the idea with climbing on the fort, I can't shoot, I can sleep but I can do that on the ground :-?
Critters were cute though :)


I loved the ideal of survival, BUT you can escape at your own pace! Really an amzing game. My favorite flash by far. =)

pretty good but

good game and all but it LAAAAGGSSS...... *sigh* i died over and over again b/c the person would stop and do nothing from time to time...

good game

hey this was a pretty good game, i thought it was a little outside ur genre and that it was a bit too easy though. Anyways i love this type of game and hope to see another one like it soon

awesome!!!!! and epic!!!!!!!!

i love it so far its the best game ive ever played