Reviews for "Sketched - Damn Vikings"

1 point for each character.

It was a rather uncomical joke that lasted to long.


id like to have his job

Yea I don't know....

I usually love Sketched but this one... I think was your worst.

The art work was great as usual but the content of this one... Its just not right. Something of that nature should not be thrown around so lightly and I don't understand the "comedy" behind rapeing. There is nothing funny about it and how you went about it. It just is not humorous at all.

Keep up your artistic talents but try to have more creative dialogue instead of something so horrendous and unfunny.

sirjeffofshort responds:

I just wanted to say that I can completely understand where you are coming from and I honestly expected much more of that type of backlash. I knew when writing that sketch that it was right on the line of funny and inappropriate and that for many people we would be crossing that line.

I assure you the joke wasn't meant with any malicious intent or to make light of the heinous deeds mentioned, but rather to poke fun at the idea of suddenly finding out that one of your friends is one of the most foul people you could imagine.

Again I understand where you took offense and do humbly apologize, and I do hope that we have not turned you off to viewing future works by us if you had previously enjoyed our work.

Thank you sincerely for your review and I completely respect where you are coming from.