Reviews for "Sketched - Damn Vikings"


Well now I hope you guys make more :D
"kill some babies"


Ha ha ha lol good animation, the beginning reminds me of The Real World...

Lets go kill some babies!

This was great! better then the wedding flash!
Great drawings and jokes as usual. really the same, but thats what i love! please dont change anything! Its perfect. oh, your probably wonderin why i aint reviewing from the orginal account.. im banned :(

Really now?

Guy under me must have anger issues. CrankyMcGregor the name says it all. Anyways! I found this to be well-done and had great humor. This does deserve at 10/10 and 5/5 because of the time and effort that was put into making a such a funny flash.


This was pretty funny. Admittedly the humors is a little dark, talking about rape as a job, but still you can appreciate these kinds of jokes when done properly and if you're in the mood for it.