Reviews for "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex"

Funny story, I was in line for the new Avatar ride at Disney called Flight of Passage with my siblings and the wait was over 200 minutes, so they were getting antsy and I offered to show them this cartoon as a makeshift pre-ride festivity and I was all "would anyone like to see a horribly inappropriate Avatar cartoon I've been thinking about the whole time we've been in this line? Don't listen to me, though; I'm just trying to spread my curse." There weren't any takers.

Bit weird but kinda funny.

This has became a classic.
Viva la HappyHarry.

Avatar should have been like this!!!!!

It's been a long time since I saw this one. I like looking back at your stuff, though this might have been taken off of Youtube at one point. But other than that, it was funny.