Reviews for "Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex"

I'm probably going to die of laughter.

I can tell u the truth it was kinda funny,weird,and a little stupid I was also kinda expecting a porn like thing

I watched this video when it first came out, and I still come back to it from time to time just for a chuckle. It's not only a really clever joke with great pacing, it's something I can relate to--after suffering through that ridiculously corny movie with my friends, my first question to them was, "Do they have sex by braiding their hair together? 'OH, BRAID ME BABY! BRAID ME HARDER!'"

I did not expect that someone would make an awesome little flash cartoon about it, and laughed my ass off when one of my friends linked me this. Nicely done, Happy Harry. Nicely done. :-)


I was expecting some dumb porn thing but instead i got a comedy XD