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Reviews for "Speed Escape"


I was justtt about to beat it, and the time ran out.
That's freaking annoying. I don't really feel like replaying.
The music was repetitive but alright,
The character design of that kid was mediocre,
the design of the room was cool, and I liked the Puzzles,
Overall It was fun and A nice little time waster but the time limit was probably not the best idea. Overall fun, but wouldn't replay it.


time limits ruin everything

Hint: have a sandbox mode(mode without a time limit)

Gret casual escape game

Yes, some may say this isn't a very hard escape game but i rather enjoyed it for about 15 minutes. It is a very nice casual escape game and with the added time limit still somewhat challenging

Nice little time waster

The fact that you have a limited time made it a bit more interesting, and you didn't make the puzzles super difficult either. I must ask, what is the music that plays during the levels? It's really, really, really awesome.

The only downside to this game is the lack of levels. 3 levels mean this game is really only good for a short while, since if you don't get bored/frustrated, you've beaten it rather quickly.

2 easy

I say this because this is the 1st escape game ive ever played without any help, or without waisting hours of time, I went through this like I knew what 2 do. if u decide 2 make another excape game, make it more challenging with harder puzzles ... but thats the point of making a game better so .... >.> ..... <.< .... yeah =P