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Reviews for "Speed Escape"

cool =D

nice idea! adding a time limit to an escape game
lvl1: 40 secs to spare
lvl1: 128 secs to spare
lvl1: 92 secs to spare


Threre are 3 levels, not so easy, not so hard.
The graphic is well done and the sound is a little repetitive but overall is a nice escape game, you will not be stuck for a long time...... good work!


That was the point of the room!

good game

quite simple, but still a fun game =].
keep up the good games ;)

glitch in the last room

i found out i didnt have to find the key to unlock the door cuase once i managed to get the chain pulled i was able to leave with the door still locked other then that i found it to be a great speed escape game
keep em up if your still making more =]