Reviews for "zOMGies"



heh and hen

is it good but you need more guns and forms of zombies.


i love how they pass your head around when you die and its a great game just you need to put upgrades like: health,speed,ammo,and,guns

Nice game!

The game is great, it has a very simple gameplay but is really funny,
but the game also has some very annoying properties.
For example the fact that you have to use the weapons you have selected before and you can´t change them is a reason to start over, because if you selected weak weapons you can´t beat the level.
Also it was annoying not to be able to aim above or below your character as already someone said, once you're to slow the zombies are next to you and you can´t attack them.
And the most annoying thing have been the corpses on the ground slowing you, in the higher levels you got into them and have been killed.

There are some bad parts in the game but all in all it is a good game.

Not bad

But it gets a little repetitive after level 40 so. Once you get the best weapon (I wont ruin it for those who haven't played it) you can just keep going and going and going, I haven't died once since I got it. I'm on level 52 and I'm stopping now. But a good idea good gameplay with good implentation. A sequel would be nice.