Reviews for "zOMGies"

I think its lame

I think it is lame that you cannot aim above and below your character.

Also.... the zombies are chasing you..... but if they run passed you..... they keep running?

Compared to other games of this style, this one is my least favorite.

Overall, a 4/10


This game is brilliant and i can literally play for the whole day, only one problem... WHY DO YOU HAVE MINIMUM RANGE? when the zombies get close enough to hit me,
i cant fight back because my gun is behind him. but anyways, nice game


Definately one of the better shooter games i've played. Not like alot of the games that you can just walk through in 10 min. . You actually have to have some skillz ta play this game lol... All in all, GooD WorK!!! Definately 10/10


when i got to level 33 it got hard no homo

Good work

The music is nice enough to make love to, if you didn't have zombies chasing you. Sorry, zomGies chasing you. Not bad.