Reviews for "Sonic scene creator V.4"


Can't wait for number 5!


Yeah... I read the instructions =D
Nice one *--*


I giv you a ten because I read the instructions

What only sonics

needs other sonic dudes like shadow and tails but apart from that it was great so im gona give you a 5/10 and 4/5

Zhuburz responds:

Please READ the instructions next time!
You CAN move the camera with WASD keys <----

Much Better

This definitely surpasses the previous 3. I have only one complaint though. The screen movement controls (WASD) had a nasty habit of not responding. Other than that it was great. I loved the music, sprites, backgrounds, and more! However it still lacks the ability to save pictures which isn't a complaint, but, ah heck I don't know what to call it so I'll just leave it alone...