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Reviews for "Sonic scene creator V.4"

You fucking rule. A+

I've played the other games in the series, and I've enjoyed them very well, along with this one. This is a huge improvement. The Camera is nice and smooth when you move around. The music is wonderful. The thick black borders around the "scene" area is a good addition, so you can place things closer to the edges of the screen. Scaling the images is new, and its awesome (I made a giant Eggman^.^). You have a mix between old sprites and custom sprites, awesome. You are able to add new features that win people over, and still keep the good features of the previous games. SEGA can learn from you. 5/5

PS: Music rocked, and I made about 21 different scenes before i had to quit. You rock!

Zhuburz responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks for the review :3

great job

this is one of the best scene creators ive ever played,great job


Great how much things you can choose.

Is there a point here?

I fail to see the point to this "game"/kit. All I can figure is you're making a picture of something, but I don't see how it's very enjoyable, or even serves much of a purpose. Also, something that seriously bothers me is when games are so big that they don't fit on the screen. You already have the feature where W/S scrolls, so why have such a big display size? I have a 1366x768 screen resolution, and it doesn't fit on _my_ screen... I wonder what it would be like for the people who use an 800x600 monitor? As a developer releasing your work, it is your responsibility to make sure your product is equally convenient for use by _any_ party, not just yourself. I urge you to think of these things in the future.

Zhuburz responds:

The size of the screen in this game actually is 900 x 700 so I don't know how it doesn't fit your screen...
It is just a bit bigger than an older version here on Newgrounds from 2006 with 500K+ views and it is very rare when someone complained about it not fitting on the screen...I actually had complaints of lack of items that's why in this one you can scroll around the screen.

Anyways thanks for the constructive review!

not bad....

in fact! i like scene creators!!
but only problem,its too BIIIIG!!
and theres only sonic in there.....

Zhuburz responds:

Uh there is not only Sonic...did you read the instructions?
There are a Lot of things off screen you could move the camera with WASD Keys...Anyways thanks for the review.