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Reviews for "Snowmen"

Ya know.......

I kind of think its a touching story that he went though all that shit just for his sons gift 11/10

Crazy snowmen

This was quite the humorous Christmas flash you made here,the animation looked great and cartoon like,i got a good amount of laughs from this seeing the snowmen be bad and whatnot plus the facial expressions were hilarious and i like how the guy went and beat them all up,overall this was a very entertaining Christmas flash and i think you did an excellent job.

lacked originality

You seem to have fallen complacent in your recent work... it's become redictable... almost forced and uninspired. Are you not enjoying what you do anymore?

I'll be more specific. The '8-bit' scene. Put in there for no better reason than to get votes from the supah nintendoh kids, right? Out of place, unnecessary and flat out stupid. The 'chop up the snowmen in an anime influenced fight' scene. Again.. so cliche, so hackneyed, so overdone.

The audio... however... was very well done.

How Touching ! :D Lol Nah not really.

Inspiring. And Cool. and he would do that for his kid. I bet you would do the same thing lol. DIE EVIL SNOWMEN!

Loved It

One of the best parts of this movie is its use of perfect animation styling. Not only was the idea a great one, but the animation style morphed perfectly to fit the scene in each part of the flash. It was an eye opener that kept you watching, and made you want to show it to friends.