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Reviews for "Snowmen"


good they could of made it a bit longer though

you know what?

its a cool video. its like snowmen robbing a store and he saves the store and gives his baby a present. i LIke how you made a video. i watch it. with my eyes and i see things like the man and his baby. its really cool how the snowmen aree like made of snow in store and they rob it. m favorite part is when the snowmen. I think this is a good video because of the stuff in it. i critisize most videos harshly like this so dont take it personally. I Must havea artistic mind cause i alway help people with there problems. The snowmen in it are fast. they jump and run and punch. the mans hand saw. i saw ths video today i watch it.
i hope i help your future ,the snowmen

happy new year

merry christmas indeed


Loved how it went from some dude going to buy a present for him lil bro to, the dude who is a skitzo freak and kick the crap out of "snowmen" lol. Loved it nice plot n' everything.

Loved it!

That was hilarious. Loved the fighting scene, as well as the artwork. Thumbs up!