Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

this game is Rubbish

this sucks alot :(

Way too much advertising

It made the game awful.


Nothing that haven't been seen before. Problem is that games before that used this formula was better made! Don't stop working though, keep trying to make better games. The sprites and animation were quite good.


I don't know why this game has those low notes on the other rewiews, it worked perfectly for me. The controls wasn't hard enough to need a keyboard and the game is pretty active, maybe not original but i liked it.

Could be better but still, enjoyable. Greetings from Spain!

I would have enjoyed it but...

1.The pac man didn't react to the controls well.
2. hardly enough time to do anything especially when you have a keyboard.
3. Asteroid level became impossible for me since there was an entire wall of asteroids that fell the second the level started. There was no way around them.