Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"


This game is much to hard. I had to skip at least half of the levels. The concept of it was great, and it look great, but I did not have fun because of how difficult it was.

totally flawed

The difficulty curve is COMPLETELY flawed. There are literally impossible levels. The spaceship time limit was roughly 3 seconds, the obstacle course was completely dependent on LUCK, and the face puzzle was horribly frustrating. I'm seriously tired of games that do nothing but piss the gamer off.

I would have enjoyed it but...

1.The pac man didn't react to the controls well.
2. hardly enough time to do anything especially when you have a keyboard.
3. Asteroid level became impossible for me since there was an entire wall of asteroids that fell the second the level started. There was no way around them.

Half marks

I hope most of the code was just reused because I hate to give a poor score for a reasonably complex game. Many retro-style games rock, but this is like a retro game in a bad way. The cover art is awesome, but the in-game screens are just disappointing (I feel betrayed like a 12-year-old in the 80s who just spent his pocket money on a slickly packaged game only to find out that it's crap graphics, even by 8-bit-era standards ). The gameplay lags even on low graphics (which roundly sux on time-limit levels), and the transitions between levels and when restarting levels are annoying. Also, the spaceship takes too long to draw. You probably thought the transition screens and redrawing of the character every time a level is restarted are cool, but to the player they are just tedious. Get on with the game! If I can't pass a level, I want to restart immediately, not click through two screens and watch a sad cliche get scribbled.


Other Than the levels being a bit too hard, I simply didnt like it.