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Reviews for "Level Up!"

good but hard

great game but how can u gat da heartbreaker medal and da insomaic medal they r impossable

Great game!

Okay. There are a lot of things about this game that I liked a lot, so this might take a while.
First of all, I really like the storyline. It was just enough to hook me, but not really heavy, so I felt free to do my own thing.
I also really liked the gameplay. It wasn't clunky at all, and I didn't end up sliding all over the place.
The leveling up was fun, and for the most part not to tedious, except when I was just jumping up and down.
I liked the roundians and the squarians. I hope to see more of them in the sequel!
It took me several hours, but I finally finished the game and then got 100% completion. I like that the gems take finding, but after they're found they were relatively easy to get. Another minor thing is that the dialogue and codex are funny. I'm glad they weren't all generic and boring. Overall, I just really love this game now, and that is why I'm giving it a score of ten. I eagerly await the sequel!


Wasnt 8-bit clouds in this game before?

Hardiness and Dash

Killing Nightmare is easy with Hardiness and Dash, when he throws his rocks up, wait until he starts to run to you, then Dash into the wall, having level 5 Fortitude and
Hardiness will make your invincibility very long after hitting the wall.

Finally finished!

I'm kinda sad that its over. Can't wait till the next part comes out!