Reviews for "Level Up!"


You'd like it to be only dudes, wouldn't you Indogrounds? XD
Sausage polishin's not a sin, but don't get mad at heteros plox.

Anyhooz. Game is wonderful- still waiting for that sequel.

Great, No Complaints Just Great!

Congrats! Not only have you managed to make a game that every body loves to play and continue to play, but you have managed to reap nothing but great responses and game play from a quality and well put together flash game. All I can say is good work and hope that it continues as i would love to see more of your work in the future!

Keep it up and don't get disheartened, Diamondsrnt4eva :D


I played that game when u had 100% and went to the computer but while i was playing level just started and was like:wtf


awsum game boss not too hard / story ok/gameplay good= me love this game


I have to say, you put a lot of work into this - it may seem very simple at first, but once you get to playing, you start to realize that this isn't all that simple, especially when you get to the Nightmare and fight the Shadow. Many times did I try to beat it on the first try, only to fail and try again by starting over, with the crazy idea that I could try to win on Day 0 (if it's actually possible, then you've got a lot more patience and luck than I did).

All in all, once I completed it, I was satisfied with the ending, and look forward to a sequel to this - the demo was fun, and once I got to understand the controls, I was flying through there with ease...then I got to the end of the demo. I can't wait to actually see what happened leading up to this game (which would make the sequel, more of a prequel really, but who cares about technicalities here).

Keep up the great work, man! And remember, if at first you don't succeed, do some exploring and try again!
Oh, and before I got the medal for getting all skills maxed out, I thought they all went up to 50 - when I got the medal and realized I only had to get everything to 5, I was relieved. I don't mind the grind, but seriously, can anyone imagine what a level 50 Jump would be like? I would consider that a FALCON JUMP by that point. XD