Reviews for "**Halo-Remix**"

this is the good shit

never played Halo .....NICE SHIT !
to all noobys : just listen to this shit!


that has to be one of the best halo remixes i have ever heard but one thing the techno about halfway through and near the end sounds a bit like UFO


Pretty good remix. I like!

Hellz yea

10 all the way, nicely done i like the guitar and techno addative! great work!


im a serrious gamer and if this were to be remixed you could take out the techno, its not needed, The guitar needs to be higher, the body needs to be a little more in the lines of the actuality that makes it halo, this actually reminds me more of Contra not Halo,
but hey you worked hard on it i presume and therefor i give you a ten on effort on trying to bend the gravity of Halo itself. This peice however deserves to be deemed as fantastic.
sorry to be a bit rash in the first paragraph. thanks for reading.