Reviews for "**Halo-Remix**"


damn strait the best


Well we will meet in halo maybe... Good song! Good song indeed! If you want to meet me in halo or other shooting games then my name is: Bidmartinlo,Bidmartinno,Martinlo or Martinno.... And by the way i dont got a stem account and its hard to find some one to pay for me... im only 13 darn... well we will meet if you have: Got pass halo1 on legendary and halo 2 on legendary... if not... well lets just give me a gun with 9 shoots and ill kill you! Good luck! PS: Dont tell me how you own!

i fuckin pwn & own on halo!!!

fuckin sweet u did a really great job on this halo opening song and the same about what humanmeatlocker said i was hoping for something sick and i got just that. just for shits and giggles i pwn and own at halo lol. ty forthe awesome song (Y)===peace


Me Love Halo U Pwn Man. Good Remix of a good song. I hate it when people make shitty remixes of good songs. Thanks for not doing that and keeping my homicidal tendencies to a minimum for a few hours. (JUST JOKING ^^)

Whoa. Impressive.

Definitely a great spin on a good theme song.
Good work.

Dj-Rec0il responds:

thx for those good words :)