Reviews for "Brawl 4"

im missing something

I think I am definitely missing something.

Lol at that pre-loader so good xD

Okay I should stop refreshing the page now

*watches animation*

ROFL what the flip did I just watch. I was loling through the whole thing if I was wearing a hat I would tip it to you.

the person below me....

.......is obviously mad as hell, lololol i love you spaz, fuck goats and shit

screw you.

need I say more?
this is just rude and a disgrace! what gives you the right to make fun of other animators like this?! Honestly, have you ever heard of MANNERS and COURTESY and RESPECT?! Here's some advice: either 1) stop insulting animators like this, 2) GET A LIFE, or 3) GROW THE !@#$ UP!!! D:<

two things

wow rina-chan and u nee to medicate those turetes.