Reviews for "Brawl 4"

Da da da dadadada DADA A DA DA DAA DADAAAA!!

the preloader theme is easily the best part of this toon, the credits come in close second.

Why would i ever wanna rewind this?!


A 10 for artistic integrity!


Bashing useless people are so much fun.

I want to be just like you guys :)

No really I want to make my movies just like you. Yelling my lungs out into the mic and just saying what comes to mind. I bet your neighbors are afraid of you everytime you record these voices. But fuck those douchebags you are artists at work.

Please Marry me <3

Truly a work of art

You sir, can turn screaming and yelling into something beautiful. You're like a funny version of dane cook.

I apologize for comparing you to such a man.