Reviews for "Revert to Growth"

great game!

awwww...what happened to the NG medals...? I was SO close to the "all keys" one... D=

AethosGames responds:

thanks for the review. NG medals were broken, so they got taken down temporarily. If this hits the frontpage, I'll try to get the medals working again.

Nice game

Looks pretty smooth to me. It was fun and I wish this wasn't a puzzle game. It would be helpful if it has a reset button I think.

AethosGames responds:

You can reset by pressing the 'r' key


nice game deude keep it on

How do you make a level?

i realy didnt figure out how to make custom levels >,< but other then that this was an awesome puzzle game. music go's perfectly with the mood of the game. plz make a sequel i bet it would be awesome

Beautifully Puzzling XP

Great game, great art!
You should add info that the moveable rocks won't crush the robot.
That bit of info is crucial for some of the later levels. I got stuck in a few cause i imagined i would get reset from it (like when you grow into a ceiling).
Quite challenging none the less. Wouldn't mind a sequel.