Reviews for "Was a Teenage Emo Goomba"


for giving me this oppertunnity to watch this ausome video!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you very very very very much!!!!!

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanx buddy!

In My Opinion . . .

I enjoyed the plot, the animation and the voice acting however there were a few flaws such as having to right click and click play in order for the movie to oficially begin, kirby was stuck there otherwise, and by unclicking play after the movie started, the voice acting continued to a certain point and then it was just animation by itself. It could be better if these changes were fixed but for now I am giving it (5 / 10) and (3 / 5).

EASTBEAST responds:

yea can you describe to me in a personal message how and what exactly I need to fix (where kirby got stuck, ect.)

Cellar Door.

I liked it!

Very funny stuff. Emo Goomba is my favorite in this.

My only gripe is the animation, but that's not a big deal here. The jokes and story were solid enough to carry it through. Keep improving on your animation and you'll have a flawless movie next time.


Kirby got stuck...
He just stayed there walkin with no where to go...
Just stuck...


but the animation could use some work.
pretty funny though.