Reviews for "Was a Teenage Emo Goomba"

Pretty Funny

I'll admit this: I thought it was going to be stupid or random. But this is some funny stuff! The animation could use work, but that didn't stop this from being funny. I also thought the voice acting was pretty good. I'm already anticipating on part 2. Keep up the good work!


I liked it. Pretty funny. Good job.


Not the best animated, but the story is funny as hell! I really enjoyed this and I'm glad you made it. :D I hope to see more. :) <3

EASTBEAST responds:

Ah thanks dude, The official name for the sequal is going to be : "Was a Teenage Emo Goomba: Rise of the Indie Goombas." enjoy :)


i liked it

it was pretty funny

the animation was weak but it did not bother me to much

it was fun

EASTBEAST responds:

ha thanks I'll still work on my animation.


Yeah, it was hilarious. Toby did a good job voicing it. The soundtrack was fitting too. The party could have used some ambience, and the animation was... well, it was hilarious.