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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"


i like it! except sometimes it glitches OUT! like im in between blocks and i just get squished for no reason, yeah so fix those glitches..... But yeah! Oh BTW! Go to Wii Ware and show em this! This should be on wiiware! (i want a free copy lol) '

Keep up the good work!


Loved it.

The only problems are a few bugs including sometimes getting inside bricks and only being able to Grab+Roll when the edge is a single piece, otherwise you need to jump. I got most of the achievements and really love the game. I hope to see updates.


it haves some serios glitches but is extremely fun 2 play : )

2 problems

It's completely awesome, but 2 problems: 1) Extremely glitchy 2) No giant tetris monsters


Now that I realize how hard it is to dodge and jump over all those blocks I appreciate the flash a whole lot more! Great game! =]