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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Very addicting!

I love your game. The artwork is awsome and the graphics are just really smooth. Thanks for adding a tetris game that isnt boring.

love it

its great just like the animations, only a glitch thats pissing me off.
when u fall off and u try the flip roll you die... annoying

did you put cocaine in this?

cuz' there are glitches... Bad glitches yet i still can't stop playing *hides in corrner with laptop* i...i can stop any time. I just don't want to... get away GET AWAY!!!

love it,

but after a while the stickman starts to drop below the screen, if you could try and make the stickman stay near the middle that would be great, i love the game and the animation, you rock


I loved the movie and this games great if i could vote for more than 10 i would