Reviews for "Miami Shark"


took like 10 minutes to get all medals great game to


I wasn't sure that this game would be any good. There are a lot of games on Newgrounds that are based on a clever idea, but the execution leaves a little to be desired. However, when I saw who made this game, I knew it would be good. I have always enjoyed the submissions from this offer, ever since playing Stardust way back when.

Even so, I had no idea how good the game would be. This shall be first 10 that I've ever handed out, for I can't imagine any way the game could be improved. Still, one needs a certain type of sense of humor to appreciate the game. I can understand some rating it lower.

I like the concept of the game. It was definitely unexpected, though the topic might be considered current. As an American, I can relate because of the increase in shark sightings in the States. In addition, I think there was a ludicrous movie tribute to shark/monster movies recently...

The gameplay was original, fast-paced, smooth, and fun. It was enjoyable playing this game. Not being a hard core gamer, I prefer timed type of games to those that require an intricate set of moves in order to avoid dying. There was plenty to do in the game. Also, being timed, you don't have to endure hours of near identical levels in order to win. Also, it is a repeatable experience, since one can always attempt to improve next time.

The humor was just my style. I enjoyed the concept of pulling jumbo jets into the sea. I think this has been the most fun I've had with a game since "Rampage".

I probably wouldn't have minded this game being a bit longer, but I liked that the game ended after a certain amount of time. For one that doesn't constantly play games, a game like this gives such a person a sense of accomplishment without making that person want to give up from excessive dying. Others my have a different opinion of this game, but in my subjective opinion, this was worthy of a 10 to me. --TDA



I gotz me a scores of 1.8m w00t!

pretty sweet



keyboard smashing game!