Reviews for "Miami Shark"


My arm hurts now from aggressively smashing the down button so much.

Still a good game though

Wiesi responds:

You rock!

Really fun, awesome, and addictive arcade game! I like it's ridicilous level of action, explosions, "realistic" actions etc. A fun little game to come to from time to time.
Good job on another great game, Wiesi! ;D

but the sailor achieve is pretty much impossibru, to the time where I rite dis comend, there're like 550 people that have it, while the other achievements were achieved by arround 100,000 people xD

This is better than I thought it was going to be. The overall animations are pretty neat, and I like how unrealistic it is. Taking down the planes was pretty funny, in my opinion. I definitely had a fun time playing this and the music fit it pretty well. I didn't experience any kind of glitches and the controls were very easy to use. Definitely a game I would play again!

fun, but there is a bug where the player is stuck at 95 miles