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Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"

Fanservice: The Movie

You've seemed to have stricken a chord with all the fans who love watching these characters do honestly anything, but just placing as many references together as possible doesn't automatically make it good. The way you drew each of the characters was basically the same with no variety and it lacked the liveliness that the song portrayed. I would've also liked to see different angle shots instead of the same full frontal view of them dancing, or if not that at least add something to make the background not so dull.

And for those who marked this abusive last time, this is simply my opinion. Don't get angry just because you disagree.

It's too long.

Generic style + long runtime + furries = 2/10

Why are you incorporating so many original(?) characters into a flash that doesn't show the viewer anything other than how kawaii desu XDDDD they can jump around? Maybe make something original that includes a story and some character development instead of lucky-go-happy "dancing".

one of the most epic flashes ever!

need i say more?


Old Snake would NEVER hold hands with Otacon!.. Stop destroying my game heroes by turning them into pieces of your yaoi fan-fiction..