Reviews for "Dick Neck: O Trailer"

Can't wait

Looks awesome, jellyous much

Phobotech responds:

You won't have to wait long! :D

he has awoken!

poozy and phobotech you are going to own the portal with this submission!

Phobotech responds:

Only time will tell...

This blew me away

I couldn't stop laughing when I watched this. It's cool to see that people are still saying dickneck jokes even though the thread was almost a year ago. I really do hope you make a flash with some twisted plot with dickneck in it. I would fav it.

Phobotech responds:

Almost a year? It was, like, four months ago.

Hope you like what's coming!

cool video

I'm so glad this movie isn't about me. hehe. So what's happenin august 27th? something special?

Phobotech responds:

There should be an honorable mention on how you were first, but, no offense or anything, you're just not as laughably pathetic as DrForeman. lol

The 27th? Oh...nothin' special...that's just when the real flash comes out.

Shit Just got Real D:

This will definatly be 5'd by me! (bonus points for poozy)

Phobotech responds:

Looking forward to it! Thanks!