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Reviews for "SillyStopSkateMation4"


That was really cool. The part with the sk8r doing tricks off of the animators hands was very original. The music and jibber jabber worked well as a soundtrack. The only thing that seemed a little strange was the "motion trail" thing. It's a cool looking stylistic effect, but in certain parts, it kind of distracts the eye from focusing on your awesome animating abilities (mostly in the scenes with busy backgrounds). That's minor stuff. This was cool as hell, and I hope you make more.


i have to admit you have quite a talent.. that was fantastic!! i really enjoyed that..


great animations, good music

Omg, something so great from you.

Man you have made AWESOME MOVIE.
First it was long, and idea was great, so many moves and bg was nice.
Everything, that how you used hand and pencil, paper, cool ideas.
I think you are really happy that finished this work.
great :)
Do more. :)

Man, seriously

Words cannot express the awesome.