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Reviews for "SillyStopSkateMation4"

Haha delicious!!!

This was perfect dude! It had the length and the awesomeness and yeah. I don't think I'm the one to tell you lol... But anyways, I loved the ending and when he skateboarded on your hands, when the skater was on those rolled paper stuff thinks. Really really fancy and great concepts and ideas all the way. Great job!


that was insane. good work


that was actually pretty cool with the hand making all the rails and stuff for the skater to ride on great job really amazed me


This wasn't the first time I'd seen this sort of thing show up on Newgrounds, but let me tell you it certainly wasn't a cheap knockoff of something else as one might expect, but rather something really good in its own right! My favorite part was probably near the end when they were going around the paper pole thing. This has inspired me to perhaps make my own stop-motion stuff as I don't have flash.


what program do you use to make this??? the movie was epic