Reviews for "Gummy War"

way easy

good game good plot (gummies lol) BUT in the sequel you could put difficulties(easy,normal,hard) other weapons lazer (gun would be nice) and power ups like heal, bombs etc.

Pretty good.

It could've stood a little more complexity. The plot isn't too new, but at least it's still fun enough to play.

Lol Gummy's!?

What a great idea for a game... Wish i thought of it too... Straight forward and playable by far addictive too...


That game was very addicting. Great job. Amazing game. I loved it.

It's ok

Nothing about this game makes me go "WOW!!" The graphics are ok, the music is OK the ampunt of damage it takes to kill an enemy is a little unbalanced. The small ones take a ton of damage while the "Bosses" are a piece of cake. there is not enough room to manouver as the map quickly fills with the enemy and then it's pretty much just mopping them all up.