Reviews for "Gummy War"


A pretty simple shootin game, pretty good music, and is pretty fun to play.


It was both fun and challenging, but there was only 1 major boss.....also it was very short...Please make a sequel or make this one longer!

great choice of music!

I liked it when the octopus came cloling in from the far away...and its a good game all over! Maybe you could ad more weapons, some different enemies and a few more levels? And maybe make it a little bit harder? Oh, and the music it really good! :)

Upgrades and a bigger arena...

would make this game a bit more fun. After a while the game gets pretty boring cuz it's just endless shooting and running into gummies. Great job on the menu sreen and story though.

Awesome Game

Fun and addictive game. I cant help but think that the plot was stolen from Futurama lol. Anyway great game thanks for the submit.