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Reviews for "Furry Hentai Enema"

I actually tried this..... don't do it.

:P I have but ONE question to ask. D:> Why no sound? -w- All in all, it turns me on. >:D Need I say more?

As a bisexual female, (And, I DO take offense, kingoftekken!) I would have thought more work was put into the female, since that's what most Hentai/Porn revolves around, even in the Furry Category. But, the male showed more....emotion. And it turned me on more than the female, sadly. xD

~ Tai Jin Senpai ~

Proabably one of the only few good furry games on newgrounds, needs sound though I thought thats my headphones were broken XD

It's good, I kinda have a girls-getting-enimas fetish, so I got kinda hard.

Would have gotten really hard if flash had sound.