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Reviews for "How to Hook Up the NES"

I had a NES, and this was hilarious :D . me and my brother were often fighting over it xD
Just made me miss those days ;(

I have the POWER!


XD Nice animation!

Happens, happens.

I wasn't born at the time the NES was a big hit, but by the SNES era, my brother and I preeeetty much had the same problems. Especially, whenever our mom kept on undoing our hard work by unscrewing the jack for the antenna. This is some pretty good work though, and I love how even the Contra characters are anthros. XD

That is so true. This flash exaggerates what we all went through with our old cartridge-using game consoles in a humorous way. Nicely done. Now how about a sequel on games these days with their crazy accessories, (bad) internet service, etc etc