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Reviews for "How to Hook Up the NES"


this cartoon is funny... i laughed a bit :D i have to admit that ^^

but the cartoon shows one thing that you not should do... >NEVER blow in the games.. that will only make things worse. that is the mainley reason why games stop working--
also because it is damaging the connector that is inside the NES . i hade to change mine 2 times .. so now i clean my NES games with a NES cleaning kit :D
but back to issue.

the cartoon is funny. good animations and everything is right :D


I loved the scenes where spiders come crawling out of the TV and Jacquo putting his shoe into the Control Deck! Maybe I should do that to my NES too! =)

This is a great cartoon!


ive watched the old goofy cartoons. you, are simply better


back in the 80's, did they do that same thing? Or is it just now that the system is older? Mine does the same thing, but I'm just curious about when it came out. If so, I'd hate to have been a parent at that time...dishing out all that cash for something that works half the time. lol. Nice work with the flash though, it was entertaining and instructional to some degree. Plus it looked incredible. Fantastic animation, line work, and just about everything.

my nintendo is the same!

my nintendo actually the same ting!