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Reviews for "GOBTRON"


It is unbelievable how you turned a simple defense game into a masterpiece. First the graphics are so silly and simplistic that a small guy talking at the bottom of the screen is actually interesting. The moster is so loveable. His "upgrades" follow a simple pattern like many games do but then the whole notion that it is his snot, burp, fart and drool makes it worthwhile. Following different areas was nice (although it would have become tedious if the game was longer) and it was funny to see how little guys advanced with their technology. The only problem is that guys from the past and the future werent really different.

In the end one problem that I had was that the game became too hard (I couldn't beat the last level of the future world) not because the gameplay being harder but repetitive "snotting" made me scroll the page in my browser. i ended up maximizing the game to full screen in hope that it will also be a little slower and I will be able to finish it.

Nevertheless I'd love more in that style and also I'd love it to be able to play this game on XBLA or with a pad on PC.

Excellent overall!

What can I say except excellent work? The game's style was very cute and quite pleasing to the eye. Eventhough most of the attackers were small on the screen, there was no problem discerning one type from another. The progress through various stages of their civilisation's development was a great and interesting touch and went hand-in-hand with the evolution of Gobtron (if you didn't repeat the same level over and over and over to get points).

The upgrade and weapon system was so simple, yet so powerful and, most of all, intuitive, not to mention it was funny seeing a large snot pick up dozens of helpless attackers. :)

The music was great (especially the sci-fi levels), although some tracks tend to grate after a while. The sound effects were great and added to the overall feel that the Gobtron really did make a loud burp/throw snot, etc.

The only minus I'd give (but I feel it shouldn't reduce the score I'm giving) is that the mouse motions for the snot get tedious in later levels, where constant 'snotting' is needed.

All in all however, I can't wait to see what else you will make! Great work and keep it up!


nice idea, but quit the game coz I got bored.


really everything was great!

the gameplay was fenomonal, the grafics were fantastic and the very premiss of the game very fun. I found my self paying even though I had to work.


Very excellent work, I hope to see more from you in the future. :)