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Reviews for "GOBTRON"


this game is fun and all but really it has no point to it you just fling snot and put people up his nose.....soo its fun but needs some more meaning


Fun. The design is simple yet accessable and functional while still charming and original. The gameplay is also pretty interesting as this is probably the most interesting turn on the 'defense' genre in a while. Simple but good clean fun.

great, but here are some tips

before hand i would like to congratulate you for such an outstanding game.
NOw with that said its time to get down to buisness.
first i htink you need to add features that does not require that much use of the mouse ( keyword here is ''that'' ) belive me i alsmost smashed my mouse into pieces. Also try use more uses for certain weapones such as minigames or something that way your game won;t get too repetitive or just put some medals that always works. and last but not least try to use more music tracks.
Overall it is a good and addictive game keep up the good work.


Awesome, an kinda cute for a GIGANTIC SNOT MONSTER

would be good but

i couldnt play because nothing ever happened he just stood still no one came his booger didnt come out but he looked where ever my mouse was but please fix it