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Reviews for "Obama Porno Movie"

although it is uncomfortably homo erotic

you deserve 5/10 for the fact that you were very creative with it. problem with newgrounds is that 90% of the members are in their teens and early 20s, so if it was hentai girls doing the same, it'd be okay OR if it were fart jokes. however, you're getting low ratings cuz people are refusing to look beyond the content.

How so delightfully homoerotic and offensive

The drawings in each individual part for this collection is highly polished and the animation is smoothly done.

The fact that content is so much more in your face than pornography and it is actually extremely hard to shock people at all because you have to go farther and farther.

In fact heterosexual people are in fact no longer shocked by homoerotic imagery because of both jackass and newgrounds submissions made to annoy to them.

You have to find new ways to shock them hence animated fecal matter is now included in with the shock humor gags.

Mixing poltics into it makes even more shocking because most people within our society forgets that political satire has to be shocking or otherwise you don't remember what you learned from it.

In fact satire has to be shocking in general or otherwise it's safe shit that you see once and forget but this will likely stick with you.

in a way i think you could have even went even farther than what was shown such as including more bodily fluids and politicians in bed with each other.

If this sex tape were ever to reach the public than obama's poltical career will be ruined.

spread the word and maybe one day obama will hurry up and bring change on the way already.

because he's been in the white house for a while and all he's done is win noble peace prices for being black.


lol F ME!

I don't think i've laughed so hard on newgrounds hahaha good lord that's vulgar. The part where he's f'n him in the ass lol Maybe the funniest animated piece i've seen


obama makes a sex tape 2: pelosi is gangraped by congress

halp halp hlaaaaa

this sexy animation was brought to you by clatoblebap ONLY

so effed up

but I love it, there is a message here I believe, Obama is just getting fucked over by all these white politicians and they do andd say stupid shit to him. Either that or this is just some fucked up idea. idk...