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Reviews for "Obama Porno Movie"

Well then..

Most of the score goes to Cato, due to me loving all of his work, but then WoddenSneaker's was pretty funny. Hulalaoo on the other hand... Is a terrible artist. All if his flash projects are half assed and full of 4chan memes. Except for his madness flashes.


i still dont get why people think its so funny to mak jokes about gays i mean comon what are you 12? why cant people just try to think for themselfs instead of listening to someone else......and no obama dosent teach that

Even though I like Obama.

:O I can't deny the love between *generic white politician man* and Obbers.

2 guys one shoe? O.o

xDD It's more disturbing than I imagined.

Catobleper responds:

http://www.blogcdn.com/www.switched.c om/media/2008/06/nicolas-sarkozy_0.jp g

One Big Ass Mistake America!

I always knew he was a fag!

OK ok,

I think everything is fine, but i just don't understand why everything Catopeblas do now is related to FREAKING HARD penetration...