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Reviews for "BILLY MAYS..."

(title in work)

Sorry, don't get the reference, since I don't frequent 4chan, but nonetheless, it's a tribute to Billy, so it gets my good score. Anyway, I did like the music, it was a sad tune to play, which goes well with this tragedy. Though I don't get the reference, this looks pretty cool and I enjoy what you did here.

good night sweet prince

good tribute to our hero, i saw it on /f/ first put w/e good job


Sad Music is Sad.

but other than that, this is a good tribute.


Seeing as this isn't over hyped like other tributes, and it also being much more awesome than the others I'll give it a 10 even though you just decompiled the original video and slapped Billy in there

Kyothine responds:

woohoo, someone who gets the reference.

and it's not so much decompiling as using the same embedded avi with the same effects.

One of the best tributes I've seen

Love the style, good job, atleast it's not some crappy pop song over a single still shot like all the others, christ they were bad, this is pretty damn good.