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Reviews for "BILLY MAYS..."


That's actually very creative. I'm guessing you did that with a video file? Where'd you get it, and how would I get to /f/ or swfchan?

Kyothine responds:

Overlay effect with an embedded avi

/f/ is a 4chan board.


ok thank goodness

if there is a joke i dont get it, but at least its not an insult to him like so many other flashes that happen after he died. i like MJ, but most people bashed him, and i like Billy too. so thanks for not bashing him, he died and the world has lost the best pitchman ever! RIP billy, now you can pitch the bible in heaven :)

Billy Mays

would be proud of this amazing flash you made of him. He would laugh and possibly even try to sell it. May he rest in peace.


Requeiscat in pace billy. Will miss ya