Reviews for "Stop asking me that!!!"


"Goodbye Nappa" :3 was amazing!


This is great!


very funny :) lol


This was extremely funny if only because of Nappa's scream at the end. I love how it plays with the idea of a meme becoming annoying to a person. I imagine that if I was Vegeta and that happened, I would be pretty mad too. It's so worth it to blow that guy to pieces. The animation is really well done in this and should please any DBZ fan. It seems to be as good as any other DBZ flash done without sprites and the voices were great too.

This will simply never get old of, both the anime and the over 9000 gag. It kind of makes it weird how they just stop using power levels altogether. Hey, I never even noticed that Nappa didn't have his own scouter! That would explain why he was asking Vegeta. He was annoying you were really rooting for him to be killed.

vegeta: no nappa its over rated

is that a number?
vegeta: goodbye nappa
funnier then this one i watched where this happens
Nappa: Vegeta, whats the scouter say about his power level?
Vegeta: ITS OVER 1000!
Nappa: well thats not so bad.
Vegeta: kick his ***!
guy-they-are-talking-about: aw crap...