Reviews for "Stop asking me that!!!"

Nice. XD

Nice to see some one who can use it in a awesome way other than the same old "It's OVER 9000".

"So, is it over 9000?" "No, it's overrated!" Best part. XD


i could not BREATH after this!!!! this has my 10!!!!


yo put this in newgrounds and its awesome...you put this too in youtube and that ROCKS!!! GOD JOB GUY!,thake your 10 stars and 5 stars!!!

good job

you guys are alwsome at what you do i wish i could do that. but i gusse i am just stuck drawling gohan. you rock!

Over 9000!

So is it over 9000? No. It's Overrated. is that a number? Goodbye Nappa! Hahaha awesome!