Reviews for "Internet Identity"


Very funny, and I really enjoyed the interesting artwork. Very good job

Good, but..

It is funny, the artwork is good and also the sound... The only complaint is that you have to type the answers, this is boring.


to be honest I think I gave it a 0, because I thought it was faulty with the chat thing...but I'll give you a few 5's when I get a chance, and I'll remember to, trust me.

But it was hilarious...was that creep a child molestor or an alien who ate humans? Also Idk why but I'm interested in what you got on this. So?

battay responds:

Basically, the child leaks personal details on his social networking website, so he ends up being tracked down by a creepy stalker.
The theme of this task was online identity, so I created this generic storyline, but added a twist with my own creepy artistic style with some humour.

Thanks for the kind review and put more thought into each vote.

Lovely work there sir!

Not sure if all the bits and pieces work though, or it could be your not finished or i'm being a doop, and not using your interactive system right. >_>

Anyway, the animation is fun and the confrontation with the hobo pedo guy was something to truly cherish. Well played =)

What the hell?

Did you made that for a school project?... whats the point of it? It doesnt even have an ending. The graphics where hilarious though.

battay responds:

It does have an ending fool, through the 'stay and chat' option.

The school project was to include a walk sequence and some interactive element to an animation based around online identity.