Reviews for "Internet Identity"


im gettin a little burnt out on this song....but...it was ok....but seriously this song needs to stop being put into submissions.

battay responds:

I didn't know it had been milked so much! I'll look out for something more unique.


pretty funny

Tad creepy.

Stalkers a bit zombie like, but it's a good flash and makes a clear point; I'd hate to have seen what the ending was if I said the wrong thing in the conversation.

I was going to lower my rating

Before I realised you may well have added that text-input format into the flash because of school/class related requirements; In which case I'll disregard the fact that this type of interaction is most tedious for the user :P

But nice artwork and the sounds were pretty good. Make more :)

battay responds:

Thank you for understanding. I shall make more ^_^


The artwork was a really nice and somewhat unique style, the sounds synced perfectly, the theme couldn't have been more accurate. Some parts of this movie were funny, others were serious; I really loved the interactive part because it allowed the viewer to talk their way out of Tommy's retarded mistake. The only thing I would suggest is to make different conversation options lead to different places, I don't like that there was only one answer, but still, an enjoyable piece nonetheless.

battay responds:

Thanks for the awesome review. :)