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Reviews for "Captain Falcon!!"

alot better then my captain flacon submission

very well planed and animated. enoth said

Epic, but short lived.

Looked awesome in the begining, just be kicked in the nads by another cock joke!

Falcooooon Punch!

Booyah, right in tha face! That's gotta hurt. Captain Falcon is epic! Nice art-style, almost as fluent as the actual clip from the anime. Hell, and just the soundclip usage is already awesome. It's right up there with all the big ones..."It's over 9000!" "the balls are inert"

this song

that what is that song tell me plese i need it

Hulalaoo responds:

i not have the music :c is only the sound of a vid of youtube


Eso fue extra├▒o, gracioso, perturbador y muy bien realizado a la vez. Felicidades por el troFEO.

LOL por Stamper y sus 100000 cigarros.